To Hear Him…


The Spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all his innermost parts- Proverbs 20:27

That verse reminds us that God speaks to us through our Spirit, not always the LOUD voice that we all imagine, but through your spirit you will hear His gentle quiet voice that says… This is the way walk in it!

My desire to hear God more audibly started December 2016! I would stay awake until the wee hours 4-5am just to hear Him, because I imagined I needed the stillness when the world was asleep for my spiritual antenna’s to be more alert- but as I waited something else happened; I read His word more, I prayed more and fasted even more and each time I got more revelation from His Word and my Spirit was more awakened! My desires changed, My heart was being transformed and My mind renewed… But yet, I was still waiting for that LOUD Voice that said- “GRACE THIS IS THE PATH WALK IN IT!”

So I only realized later that God had already been speaking to me, the nudges I got in my spirit to change this or do that was in fact Him speaking through my spirit, which is in fact the Spirit of the Lord at work in you. His Spirit brings Revelation, discernment, Clarity, conviction, confidence, comfort… Everything you need right😊

Another way God reveals Himself is just like He did with Joseph- God still communicates a lot through visions and dreams to this day!


So I’m learning to wake up and quickly write it down before I forget, because His visions are very detailed and so Grand that they can scare you and even feel impossible to achieve but I’m sure as Joseph was in the pit remembering the dream God gave him- it must have seemed impossible to fathom. He was in a pit because of his brothers, yet God gave him a vision that he would one day be Ruler over them and they would bow to him, but here he was suffering because of them and even after the pit he ended up in prison! it was one thing after another before he was in the palace but in Gods time is when the dream came into manifestation- So do not be discouraged if your dream is yet to come to pass, God is not man that He should lie, so instead pray for patience, Grace and Strength to allow for God to prepare you for it.

My first Vlog will be up soon where I talk about waiting on God based on Habbakuk 2:3, so let me not share too much but the essence of it is;- if God has revealed it to you- it’s only a matter of time before it manifests so embrace the journey to and learn the lessons along the way.

His Word

He also communicates to us through His Word- like I mentioned as I was seeking Him, the more my desire to spend time in His word increased and the more I read His word, the more He revealed, many portions of scripture that I had read before suddenly appeared New! because each time God brought a new Revelation! That’s why you’ll hear two different pastors speak from the same portion of scripture but have two different revelations-because God’s Revelation is also very personal- I believe it goes as far as the level of your Faith! So the more we spend time in His Word and the more we mature in our Faith, then the more we decipher on a deeper level.

His word is LIFE! Living and Breathing! you can read it over and over again and get something new each time!

His word is a lamp unto our feet and light unto our Path- Psalms 119:105-

Go to His word for direction!


He uses People

God will also use people… For a long time I fought this because I feared false information shared to me- so I’ve always prayed for the spirit of discernment in whatever I do or whatever or whoever comes my way, which then enables me to have a knowing of when it really is God talking through them. And one sure way of knowing that it is indeed God- is through His confirmation. For whatever He reveals to them He will also confirm it to you in your spirit and or make it come to pass! so pray for God to put the right people around you, and ask Him to give you a discerning spirit always so that you can tell the lies from a mile away!

In Conclusion…

The Beautiful thing about His Spirit working in you is He reveals himself in all things! You could be watching a movie, watching your kids play, reading a book, listening to a song… pretty much just Living your life & just like that He reveals Himself even in the ordinary day to day life- For scripture reminds us- “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11

But one thing about God that I quickly had to learn is He reveals in bits! God will give you steps not destinations!

One verse I use frequently when I’m asked about my new Faithing it journey is again Psalms 119:105- His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path God will show you what He needs to show you at that moment and not the whole Plan! because I think if He showed us the whole Grand plan we would probably run away!

You see the desires and passions that He has put inside you will definitely come to pass but they won’t come easy or as you expect;- you will sacrifice, you will have to be uncomfortable, you will be isolated and there will be days you will want to give up!

What He has for you is bigger than you can imagine & will cost more than you are willing to give! so our job is just to walk in obedience!

God will show you- you will be a wife, a mother, a CEO, a business owner, start a ministry, be a world changer! whatever it may be, but before He gives it to you- you must not despise the day of small beginnings!

David was able to slay the giant because of His past victories slaying Lions & bears as he tended to his sheep! So be faithful with the little & in Gods time He will bless you with more & when it comes- boy doesn’t it come suddenly! pressed down & shaken together- so your heart must be right to receive it! Free of bitterness, hate, jealousy, greed & whatever ills & ready to receive what God has for you… so let Him mature you into it before you can get into it!

Remember you cannot have Great passion without pain! Passion is Uncomfortable & painful! New levels new devils they say…

You cannot be who you were & who you are at the same-time- Revelation will always bring you to separation which is painful, but let it happen, embrace your journey to your dream and watch Him open doors that only He can because you submitted to the process.


Next Blog about how to know you are walking in your purpose…


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  1. This is so encouraging.My take out;is how God reveil Himself in everything,when God’s spirit dwells in us ,we get wisdom we are able to discern what is is evil and right,gives us clarity;confidence,revelation etc.He is really an awesome God.Grace i do love this.Baraka!

  2. Grace your blog has really inspired me being in campus n going through alot of challenges,whenever I read am always encouraged to press on thank you .God bless

  3. Grace you truly inspire me… I totally love this piece. Hearing God speak is the one thing that is really liberating as it shows us who we really are from the inside. Understanding the truths of His word and using the truths as a guide to our “faithing”journey (as you aptly out it) will surely equip us with strategies to be overcomes. Waiting for the next post.

  4. Great work Grace. He doesn’t reveal the whole plan just a sneak peek!!!! Wow …

    Timely! God Bless you

  5. Thanks Grace for this piece..affirmation that i have been walking on the right path in my faith journey. God Bless. Looking forward to the next post.

  6. Thanks Grace for this piece..affirmation that i have been walking on the right path in my faith journey. God Bless. Looking forward to the next post.

  7. I knew you were no ordinary gal, and yes this has confirmed. May God continue using you to reach out to more soul.

  8. Thanks Grace ! I also believe that God doesn’t just give us at a go because when we are in need , we praise Him more and when He finally blesses us then we know it’s truly from God and not by our own strength!

  9. Always inspired! You talk or rather write so passionately about faith and I’m always challenged to tend to this plant called faith… I know it’s a journey with continuous growth , success, challenges, it. There’s so much to learn from you.

  10. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 thanks for sharing. I believe in dreams, that God speaks to us through them. And I have also heard the quiet voice. Isn’t He wonderful? Simply amazing. The best!

  11. You cannot be who you were and who you are at the same time….I couldn’t say more. This has made all the sense in the world to me today. Thank you so much .

  12. Anytime i want to be uplifted in anyway all i have to remember is this blog. thank you Grace for always sharing with us and for always speaking to me because that is how i feel when i read your posts.
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  13. Have you ever felt “is she talking about me” that’s how l felt! Everything l have gone through and will go through you have said it. Thank you for being such a blessing.