Hello January…


January 4th, Monday back to work after a three week break… YIKES! I must say Last night was bitter sweet knowing what awaits me this week…

But that said, this morning we all woke up to a pleasant surprise😊the heavens opened and the rains came pouring down in JANUARY! I’m personally a lover of the downpour and the cooler weather that comes with it, so today I’ve been in my element clearing one thing after another on my desk, which is quite unlike me after such a long break from business as usual…


A report due tomorrow cleared by 4:30pm(since when), creative juices flowing and energy levels on an unusual high… it’s 4:46PM as I type this aiming to exit the building by 5pm so that I can rush home to some much needed quality time with my little people💖You see for most of 2015 a 12hour shift was the norm, doing so much but hardly getting anything done! If that makes sense… Having so much on your plate but hardly being productive…


On my list of things to Master in 2016 is to learn how to do One thing and to do it well… Staying Focused on the Goals and sieve out all the distractions, because one of the biggest lessons I learned in 2015 concerning business, is that sometimes you may just need that ONE THING! which could be your WINNING THING!

So this year my focus is to find that ONE thing that Grace will be known for and as I do that, also apply my ONE THING Rule in all that I do, instead of getting frazzled trying to juggle 50 tasks at once, instead handle one task at a time and give each undivided attention and on to the next.


It’s only day one so far, but I sure hope to keep this momentum going and take each day at a time, one task at a time and realize my potential…


What is your focus this year? What lessons do you plan to practice and Master? Remember the beauty of a New Year is the opportunity to start over a Fresh! so ignore all the noise from the naysayers who laugh at your resolve to live your life differently, because your life only becomes different by choice and not by chance.

Well time for me to head out for some much needed Family Time😊

Stay Motivated! Stay Focused💯

Love Grace💖

Photography- Tatiana Karanja

Make-Up- Wacuka Thimba

Hair- AmaDiva

BodyCon Dress- Vivo Active Wear

Shoes- Primark

Location- Dusit

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In between Cooking, Cleaning and minding my two-some, thought I’d make some time to pen down my Lessons from 2015, as the kids are fully engrossed with Frozen for the umpteenth time! any other house-hold with the Frozen Fever!? Still!? I know😳Lol!

Anyway… There’s something about coming into your own that is so freeing! and I must say that 2015 was one Grand year that taught me alot about Pain and Loss and how all that is part of the process… Without Pain how else will you appreciate Joy? Plus Trusting in God has also taught me that Nothing is in Vain. 1st Corinthians 15:58- “Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” So whatever it is you put your heart and sweat into, if you do it as if your doing it for God, it will never be in vain. He will surely bless the work of your hands.

Though I also learned that Pain and Loss can leave you crippled, so one must consciously decide to keep moving forward and each time choose happiness! and remember that what you allow will continue, so if you find yourself going through the same thing over and over again… Honey it’s time you learned that lesson and move forward, otherwise that cycle will only continue.


I also learned that Love can be easy, too many times women feel that love has to be tough to be the real deal, but this year taught me otherwise. Ladies if a man wants to be with you, nothing will stop him, so never go above and beyond my dear girls, but seek God and He will surely Grant you the desires of your heart😊I also got the Polite Reminder that it is in fact the Man who is called to Love the woman, and all she is asked to do is submit to him as the head of the home, according to Ephesians 5:25… & how easy it is to submit to a Man who truly loves you. Plus a Man who loves the Lord is the greatest blessing my dear girls, for God is Love, so a Man who is in-tune with His maker will understand how to Love and recognize a woman who also knows her Maker… And he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord- Proverbs 18:22.


I also learned that my body will keep changing as I grow older, and I can no longer eat whatever I want, whenever I want😔unfortunately… sigh…(Moment of silence)

We can now proceed…

So I now need to make wiser diet options and eat at the right time, plus no matter how busy or drained I get, exercise is a must no matter how little or how regular, just maintain an active lifestyle. That said, even though I may be at my heaviest now I’m more loving of my body and it’s flaws, so no matter how much we change Ladies, always find ways to work with your new shape and learn how to dress it to bring out your best👌🏾I also learned that style is about what each outfit makes you feel, so if you find a look that is comfortable and looks good! then by all means feel free to stick to that fabric, cut, design and even colour. My wardrobe is filled with my favourites! when I shop I just get a different colour or a newer version, because I already know what works for me, so I stick to it;-) and I love that I can constantly get that with my go-to Vivo-Active Wear:-)


I also learned that a Red Lippie and a popping shoe is sometimes all you need to add that extra sparkle! Plus a visit to AmaDiva to not only get your hair done, but to also try out their individual lashes! I’m so glad Maureen convinced me to give it a shot, they are definitely the cherry on the cake😍


I also learned that Mother-Hood is the one journey where you never feel sufficient enough! every Mother I speak to including my own, all say I wish I had or I need to do more of this and that… And here I was beating myself up only to realise that we all just need to be more honest, because being too tired doesn’t make you a lousy Mom, or letting your kids eat snacks for a meal or sometimes having thoughts of running away, are all but very normal for any sane Mommy💖 This is the one journey where I know for a fact requires strength from above and whole lot of Grace and Patience, so recharge through prayer and meditation to keep yourself sane. Plus have Mommy time, my fave thing to do is go for a Pedi and have a milk-shake and just like that I am recharged😊that simple… My other out-let is my new hobby! doing this, sharing my life’s journey’s and experiences with you through blogging❤️


I also learned that in all my relationships when life gets abit to hectic it’s okay to adopt Quality over Quantity until you can have both, but in the meantime… Practice being fully present whenever you have some time with a loved one, for all we have are each-other and the moments and memories we share💖

Lastly my biggest Lesson in 2015 is “DO NOT BE AFRAID!” especially where your career is concerned; take the risks, learn, keep learning and then learn some more, and then once you do learn, teach and then move on to the next thing… Don’t hold on to what is already passed, but be open to change and realize that your passions will indeed lead you to your Purpose.

0G9A7874-1So go ahead and have a brave, exciting 2016! Love more, Be more and Live out your Purpose!

0G9A7879-1I’d love to know your big lessons too… Do feel free to share them with me on the comments section below and let’s keep chatting in 2016;-) Thank you for making time for me… You are loved and appreciated💖

0G9A7870-1 0G9A7871-1 0G9A7878-1

0G9A7886-1Lastly! again, how amazing are these individual lashes by AmaDiva? I love them so much I’m actually worried:-( This love may not be healthy for me!Lol!

Anyway I want you to feel as FAB as I do;-) so how about you join me and book your appointments with AmaDiva- 0723-607793 & look extra Glam as you usher in 2016💃🏽🎊🎈🎉

Love Grace😘

Photography– Tatiana Karanja

Make-Up– Wacuka Thimba

Hair– AmaDiva

Lashes– AmaDiva

Clothes– Vivo Active Wear

Shoes– Ruth Nthenya

Jewelry– Fervor Montreal

Location– DusitD2

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2016 is just a couple of days away Folks! What a learning and growing curve 2015 has been; growing pains coupled with lots of treasured moments💖and 2016 is already seeming like it will be one mind-blowing ride! Like I wrote on my blog about my hair journey- “The Sowairina” I strongly feel like 2016 is to be lived passionately💥


I’m especially Super stocked this year because I’ll be joining the thirties club, God Willing🙏🏾 I definitely feel a lot more pressure to get my act together; Save more, Invest wisely, Live out my purpose, be a better Mother and also love a little better and wiser…


And there’s just something about this Vivo Ensemble that makes me feel so Grown😉 This monochrome look is the perfect statement for the woman who’s comfortable in her own skin & daring and bold! not afraid to draw attention😊


So for the more mature woman, or if you’re looking to try something different in the new year, I highly recommend the Vivo Butterly Water-falls and their fitted maxi’s. I especially love this colour combination because Black is always a Classy go-to and the flowery print on the water-fall gives it a feminine touch, albeit very bold and the monochrome look is a chic option❤️


Maxi and Butterfly Waterfall- Vivo Active wear @vivoactivewear

Make-Up- Wacuka Thimba @wacukathimbamakeupartist

Photography- Deepak @enkaideeps

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Reason For The Season

Since I was a little girl, just like my little one’s now… Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year😊Counting down the days from Dec 1st and looking forward to Christmas Morning has always been such a joyous time for me! and this year was no exception if not more special☺️

Here’s the thing; I’m a Christian, raised in the Church, so for me it’s always been more than just a pagan holiday but really about the birth of Christ! The greatest party of the year! A saviour born to save humanity🙏🏾I’ve always understood and celebrated that, but I think over the years I placed alot of focus on the gifts, both giving and receiving, but this year it means so much more even though I still love the gift-giving💖0G9A7664But I now realise what a Blessing it is to be able to set out some time in the year to bond and re-connect with Family and dear one’s, especially with the unbelievably busy year I’ve had; taking up a new role at work, attempting to go back to school and also taking up this new love(blogging), coupled with lots of travel… I truly missed my family! in fact this month has been one sleep-over after another with my dear family members just to stock up on quality time😊and we’re happily still at it😊

My kids have probably had their best Christmas yet, spending time with all their Cucu’s, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins name it! and ofcourse Mommy and Daddy😊and I couldn’t be more grateful… especially because this year I got the nudge to teach them more about the true Reason for The Season, which isn’t about santa or christmas tree’s(though I had to have one in the house) but instead shift their focus to baby Jesus born in a Manger On that Holy Night and remind them of the importance of giving and the blessing that is Family💖

And so today the whole family made merry together😊Both Mommy’s and Daddy’s side came together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, which is Family😊and Jesus being born on this special day for the sole purpose of dying for you and me, is the ultimate sacrifice. Forever sealing our bond with our Father in heaven, our first Family… And that is truly the reason I love this time of year, because it reminds me that there is always hope and that I am loved with the deepest, most genuine love, so hear hear! to this special time of the year💖

To you reading this, I hope this is a special Christmas for you too? but if not… Receive Love and Blessings from mine to yours! and always remember that Jesus Loves you and that truth is enough to turn that frown upside down and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.





Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2016, may all your hearts desires come to be💖

Love Grace😊

Photography– Tatiana Karanja who is a SUPER-STAR by the way! shooting toddlers is not easy, but she blew us away;-) Thank you Tati!

ClothesMommy; Vivo Black Dress & ZaRa Kids Minnie Mouse Jumper(yes I got it from the kids section)

Kids– WoolWorths Dresses and Zara Kids Minnie Mouse Jumpers.

Make-Up–  The Amazing Wacuka Thimba

Hair– Amadiva who now have me addicted to this yummy hair colour! get details on my last blog on how to win this make-over;-)

Location– Dusit D2

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“The Sowairina”

0G9A6739 2 - Copy

“For a woman’s hair is her crowning Glory” 1st Corinthians 11:15

I quote that verse because I feel like I’ve finally found the hair-do that works best for me! making it my new best thing😊My hair journey this year has gravitated a lot towards maintaining it in it’s natural form or adopting a hair-do that looks natural.  I got tired of all the heat styling and lack of versatility, because with my now straight kinky weave which is very light weight by the way, I can wear it in it’s natural form and switch it up with the help of a curling iron. Dottie achieved this by texturizing my hairline then added tracks to give my thin hair some much needed body, which I love💖

0G9A6746 2

My hair journey like most of us women has been one metamorphosis after another, the first thing that “suffers” when we want change in our lives is always our hair! So one of the many reasons I like AmaDiva Salon is because they not only give you a wide range of natural hair options to try out, but also walk you through your natural hair journey if you choose to maintain a natural mane. You just need to visit their pages on Facebook and Instagram to see for yourself😊Find links below…

0G9A6717 2I’ve never know versatile and easy hair until now… Meet my straight kinky weave which Maureen the Sweetheart behind the AmaDiva Franchise has now christened “The Sowairina”🙊🙈🙉The reason for this is because we chose the colour together with her great team, blending a couple of shades to create this. Diana also of AmaDiva, tried to convince me to be as daring as she is and go blonde, but maybe next time😉I just knew I wanted something different to wrap the year, and what better way than to colour! if not to chop or do both, but I’ll hold that brave step until much later🙈For now copper it is😉

0G9A6722 2

It’s such a fun look for me💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽which signifies a lot about where I am in life right now, especially as the year comes to an end, I’m in a really happy place and I thank God. As I begin to find more ease and balance with my kids, who are growing so quickly and beautifully💖This stage is quite enjoyable! yes it still get’s quite overwhelming having two toddlers who are the same age, but I love it😊Plus I’m also loving Love and the possibilities that it brings❤️ & to my surprise as nervous as I was about getting this blogging life on the road, it’s now my most exciting venture for 2016🙏🏾

0G9A6712 2

And I want you to feel the same energy and fire that I have for the New Year with this fierce look😉 So the very generous Maureen and I would love to give you the opportunity to get a Sowairina Make-Over courtesy of Amadiva, and rock this hot new look for the New Year☺️😊☺️All you need to do is like the AmaDiva Page on FaceBook-https://www.facebook.com/amadivabeauty/?ref=ts&fref=ts and post and tag me on my Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/sowairina/ plus leave your comments below this post sharing your hair journey stories with me and why you feel it’s time for a new look! Going with the theme “Spark”💥What are you planning to add a spark to in your life in 2016? Could it be your love-life? or maybe work-wise? or try something new all together? and you feel like this new look would be the perfect pop for whatever it is you plan to do, because I strongly feel like 2016 is to be lived passionately.

0G9A6742 2

And it doesn’t end there, 10% off for all clients who call and book appointments with AmaDiva salon and mention “The Sowairina” automatically get a discount! Offer valid from tomorrow 23rd Dec until the 1st of January.

Call AmaDiva- 0723-60 77 93

Photography- Tatiana Karanja

Make-Up- Wacuka Thimba

Location- Dusit D2

Love and Light… Grace❤️

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Holiday Ready with Chiffon & Athleisure!


Tis the Season Good people🌲🎊🎈 My Time-Line is already flooded with folks having sun-downers by the beach (jealous much!) and I’m sure there is lots more to come so I thought I’d share some appropriate attire for the sun and sand moments:-)


Here I’m wearing a GORG!! Chiffon dress top by Vivo, paired with capri leggings but depending on where you are or what you’re most comfortable in, you can wear it over your swimsuit and look flawless on the beach😉


I personally fell in-love with this fuchsia at first glance and the high-low hem detail which looks quite alluring, especially if worn over a swim-suit! a cute mix of naughty and nice I think😉


So if you’re looking for what to pack for that coasto get-away this is a must have! and this too…


This other chiffon look is an almost everyday look for me during the warmer weather, so I would most definitely recommend it for any trip down to the coast!


As you’ve noticed for both looks I’m wearing a pair of leggings! again athleisure appearing in my every-day wear. One of my favourite quote’s that I picked up while in Barcelona for the Procter and Gamble Future Fabrics Conference explains it all! “Leggings are the new Denim, a lifestyle shift that is here to stay” by Mark NIKE CEO

Incase you’re just catching on… I was in Barcelona recently all thanx to Procter and Gamble for the annual Future Fabrics event, which is tailored to give the consumer lasting fabric care solutions with their products Ariel and downy and this year the theme was “Fabrics in Motion” where we explored the combination of athletic silhouette and high performance fabrics to bring new levels of comfort, energy and style.


Taking care of our clothes should be approached like skin care, as shared by lead blogger Sussie Bubble! You don’t just throw your clothes into the wash, but actually take the time to read your labels! do any of you actually do that? I must say I’m guilty of skipping that stage more often then I should🙉🙊🙈but it’s key to be aware of the step by step guide for each garment. For this particular post, leggings are a blend of Cotton, Polyester and Elastane(spandex) which can either be machine washed or hand-washed with Ariel and Downy fabric softener, but avoid hot water or chlorine bleach which will only damage the elastane fibers. Plus if possible, tumble dry is best for this fabric, but if not possible then try not to leave them out in the sun for too long or atleast not directly.

Why Ariel and Downy? Well Ariel because it’s designed to remove all body soils like sweat, which can take upto 70% of the unseen stains on our clothes, so using this detergent will save you from repeat washes just to get the stubborn stains out, while Downy will help maintain the colours and give your wardrobe an even fresher scent😊


End note…

Athleisure is indeed a life-style… Wearing our leggings and jogging pants is more then just a passing trend judging from the google stats! Jogging pants was one of the most goggled trends in 2015, so it’s quite obvious that we’re all trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, even if it’s just the illusion of being healthy by wearing athleisure, because according to the webster dictionary, Athleisure is casual clothing that is designed to be worn for both exercise and for general use, making the transition from gym to everyday wear and vice versa more seamless.

So I’m definitely keeping this trend in 2016💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Clothes- Vivo-Active Wear, follow them on IG and Facebook @vivoactivewear for all Stock Details.

Make-Up- Wacuka Thimba, also follow her on IG @wacukathimbamakeupartist and book your appointments

Photography- Deepak the Super Guy on the lens on IG as @enkaideeps

Location- The Gorgeous Dusit D2, Pay them a visit on 14RiverSide and follow on IG @dusitd2nairobi


Stay Tuned for more on Athleisure and how to get rid of more stubborn stains plus alot more Vivo Wear:-)

Love and Light💛


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Do you Love your Clothes?


With age comes Comfort… And what I mean by that Statement is simply that am finally in that place in my life where if it doesn’t fit right it’s not part of my life, be it clothes, relationships or even job opportunities. They all must fit my lifestyle and not the reverse…

With Vivo-Active Wear I finally found a brand that gets me and meets my needs, leaving me more confident and with boosted energy levels. All because of wearing something I am comfortable in…


And what I love most about Vivo is how I can dress up or dress down any piece, I have both my work and play wardrobe sorted, and sometimes even from the same exact garment… So for me going to Barcelona for the Proctor and Gamble Future Fabrics Conference was an obvious must attend, mainly because they were celebrating Athleisure wear, which is a trend that is quickly becoming a movement. Our comfortable gym clothes are no longer just synonymous with the gym, but we now wear our tights, vests, yoga pants & wraps & sneeks all weekend long(atleast I do) and even to work if paired ‘correctly’…


The struggle with these very comfy pieces though, is how best to care for them, with great fit means the fabric is stretchy, so if not washed right the clothes then soon loose the much needed elasticity. Plus also I’m sure as you’ve noticed, I love Colour! lots of it! and Vivo offers that, but again if not cared for properly by the third wash(if your lucky)the once brightly coloured garment begins to fade.


 Vivo have always been very helpful with advising how best to care for their garments, but with Proctor and Gamble I now know how to wash my gym clothes too. Have you noticed how sometimes the sweaty odour still remains? Well guess what! worry no more! with Ariel and Downy your clothes can now look better for longer and smell great too;-)

We learned that using the combination during laundry goes a very long way in maintaining the elasticity of clothes and keeping the oh! so adored bright colours! So after landing back home my agenda is to quickly head to the nearest super-market and change my laundry products, because I love my clothes, each and every one of them:-) and I want them to last longer.

So question is, Do you love your clothes?

More lessons from Barcelona coming soon…








Find all the above Holiday pieces available at all Vivo Stores Country-Wide:-)

Happy Shopping!!

Clothes: Vivo-Active Wear, follow them on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter @vivoactivewear

Make-Up: Wacuka Thimba, follow her on Instagram @wacukathimbamakeupartist

Photography: Deepak, follow him on Instagram @enkaideeps

Location: Dusit D2 follow them on Instagram @dusitd2 and pay them a visit;-)

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I mean when Miss Wacuka Thimba decides to give you a proper beat face she goes all out! Follow her on IG by the way- @wacukathimbamakeupartist and thank me later;-)

Last Week she got me dolled up for our waaaayyyy over-due Vivo Shoot for our December Campaign, which I personally can’t wait to share with you😊☺️😊



Colourful, Comfortable and versatile pieces to rock this festive season, for play, chill-mode, dressy occasions and even for work, for those who’ll be working through the season… there’s pretty much something for every occasion:-)



And ofcourse as always, I’ll be sharing a little about me with each post that hopefully someone somewhere can relate with😊

Well here’s to my first website Post🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Many! Many! more to come…


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