New Beginnings


“And suddenly you know. It’s time for new beginnings. Let go of the old and make room for the new.” Peter J.Bone

What 2017 is looking like to me! Year of Bold moves because there comes a time when one must be more intentional about how we Live! no longer just accepting the status quo or worse still become comfortable, for we all know nothing brilliant really happens in our comfort zones.

What you move towards moves towards you. John Maxwell teaches that once a person moves towards his or her vision, resources begin to move toward that person. Those resources may be material, money or people- when a person stops moving, so do the resources. As you step into your story of significance and take action, you will find this is true.


As I step out I’m also learning that indeed-“To be significant, all you have to do is make a difference with others wherever you are, with whatever you have, day by day. When you intentionally use your everyday life to bring about positive change in the lives of others, you begin to live a life that matters” Reese Witherspoon

To have a life that matters, you have to start. Start with yourself. Your best story begins when you put yourself back into it. Be in the picture. Stop looking— start living! Not only will that change your life and help others, but it will also give you the credibility and moral authority to inspire and team with others to make a difference.

“Experiment— Experience—Explore. Do not touch isn’t in our vocabulary.” Dive in! You never know how well you can swim until you are in over your head.

Stop putting limits on yourself and letting fear hold you back! but instead do it afraid!

A well- written story is built using elements that people think are important. When we live for significance, we are telling people around us that it is important to us. Almost everyone wants to live a life of meaning and significance, whether or not they express the desire. To put significance in our stories, we must do things out of our comfort zone(this term again) And we must make changes that we may find difficult. We often avoid trying to make those changes. But know this: though not everything that we face can be changed, nothing can be changed until we face it. To put significance in our stories, we must also take action. Being passive may feel safe. If you do nothing, nothing can go wrong. But while inaction cannot fail, it cannot succeed either. We can wait, and hope, and wish, but if we do, we miss the stories our lives could be. We cannot allow our fears and questions to keep us from starting. Are you tempted to wait until an ideal time? Do you worry that if you start on this journey without knowing exactly where it will go you might not do well? Are you concerned that you might fail? Let me help you by telling you something you need to know. You won’t do well the first time you do anything. You don’t know what you’re doing when you start. Nobody is good at the beginning of doing something new. Get over it. Novelist Ernest Hemingway said, “The first draft is always crap.” (Only he didn’t say crap!) And he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. If you want to live a life that matters, don’t start when you get good; start now so you become good. I’ve never known a star athlete who started out good. All start out as beginners, and with practice, some become good. Others become great. Everyone starts out bad, regardless of what they’re practicing for. We’ll start so we can improve. We start before we’re ready because we need and want to get better. The idea is to deliver our best each time we try until one day, we become good. And then one day, we may even have a chance to be great. That’s growth. But we can’t evolve if we don’t start. Your story won’t be perfect. A lot of things will change. But your heart will sing. It will sing the song of significance. It will sing, “I am making a difference!” And that will give you satisfaction down to the soul level. If you want to live a life that matters, don’t start when you get good; start now so you become good.

So here I am facing my fears head on! because if not now then when? and most of all because as a Christian I always go back to Esther 4:14- “What if you were made for such a time as this!” When you have the fire in your belly you get moving and trust that God will order your steps! I firmly believe in seasons! never ignore them or you may regret ever giving it a shot!



“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. . . . Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”— Steve Jobs


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  1. This is very inspiring. Multifaceted lessons well presented. This has spoken loads to me. I feel inspired. And this changes everything. Thanks for sharing Grave.

  2. Encouraged. Something I am onto and too many challenges every day. A ain’t giving up though. Pressing on in faith.
    All the best to you.

  3. Thank you for always sharing your wise thoughts. This is my year of bold move. I want to get out of my comfort zone. You have encouraged me and you always do.When am low on look up at some of your writing especially on Christianity and they they lift me up. May God bless you abundantly