My Thoughts


January 4th, Monday back to work after a three week break… YIKES! I must say Last night was bitter sweet knowing what awaits me this week…

But that said, this morning we all woke up to a pleasant surprise😊the heavens opened and the rains came pouring down in JANUARY! When is your last memory of that!? I’m personally a lover of the downpour and the cooler weather that comes with it, so today I’ve been in my element clearing one thing after another on my desk, which is quite unlike me after such a long break from business as usual…


A Report due tomorrow cleared by 4:30pm(since when), Creative Juices Flowing and energy levels on an unusual high… it’s 4:46PM as I type this aiming to exit the building by 5pm so that I can rush home to some much needed quality time with my little people💖You see for most of 2015 a 12hour shift was the norm, doing so much but hardly doing much if that makes sense! having so much on your plate but hardly productive…


On my list of things to Master in 2016 is to learn how to do One thing and to do it well… Staying Focused on the Goals and sieve out all the distractions, because one of the biggest lessons I learned in 2015 concerning business, is that sometimes you may just need that ONE THING! which could be your WINNING THING! So this year my focus is to find that ONE thing that Grace will be known for and as I do that, also apply my ONE THING Rule in all that I do, instead of getting frazzled trying to juggle 50 tasks at once, instead handle each task at a time and give each undivided attention and on to the next.


It’s only day one so far, but I sure hope to keep this momentum going and take each day at a time, one task at a time and realize my potential…


Well time for me to head out for some much needed Family Time😊

Stay Motivated! Stay Focused💯


Love Grace💖


Photography- Tatiana Karanja

Make-Up- Wacuka Thimba

Hair- AmaDiva

BodyCon Dress- Vivo Active Wear

Shoes- Primark

Location- Dusit