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With age comes Comfort… And what I mean by that Statement is simply that am finally in that place in my life where if it doesn’t fit right it’s not part of my life, be it clothes, relationships or even job opportunities. They all must fit my lifestyle and not the reverse…

With Vivo-Active Wear I finally found a brand that gets me and meets my needs, leaving me more confident and with boosted energy levels. All because of wearing something I am comfortable in…


And what I love most about Vivo is how I can dress up or dress down any piece, I have both my work and play wardrobe sorted, and sometimes even from the same exact garment… So for me going to Barcelona for the Proctor and Gamble Future Fabrics Conference was an obvious must attend, mainly because they were celebrating Athleisure wear, which is a trend that is quickly becoming a movement. Our comfortable gym clothes are no longer just synonymous with the gym, but we now wear our tights, vests and sneeks all weekend long(atleast I do) and even to work if paired ‘correctly’…


What we struggle with these very comfy pieces though, is how best to care for them, with great fit means the fabric is stretchy, so if not washed right the clothes them soon loose the much needed elasticity. Plus also I’m sure as you’ve noticed, I love Colour! lots of it! and Vivo offers that, but again if not cared for properly by the third wash(if your lucky)the once brightly coloured garment begins to fade.


 Vivo have always been very helpful with advising how best to care for their garments, but with Proctor and Gamble I now even know how to wash my gym clothes. Have you noticed how sometimes the sweaty odour still remains? Well guess what! worry no more! with Ariel and Downy your clothes can now look better for longer and smell great too;-)

We learned that using the combination as we do our laundry goes a very long way in maintaining the elasticity of clothes and keeping the oh! so adored bright colours! So after landing back home my agenda is to quickly head to the nearest super-market and change my laundry products, because I love my clothes, each and every one of them:-) and I want them to last longer.

So ask yourself do you love your clothes?




Find all the above Holiday pieces available at all Vivo Stores Country-Wide:-)

Happy Shopping!!

Clothes: Vivo-Active Wear, follow them on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter @vivoactivewear

Make-Up: Wacuka Thimba, follow her on Instagram @wacukathimbamakeupartist

Photography: Deepak, follow him on Instagram @enkaideeps

Location: Dusit D2 follow them on Instagram @dusitd2 and pay them a visit;-)