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In between Cooking, Cleaning and minding my two-some, thought I’d make some time to pen down my Lessons from 2015, as the kids are fully engrossed with Frozen for the umpteenth time! any other house-hold with the Frozen Fever!? Still!? I know😳Lol!

Anyway… There’s something about coming into your own that is so freeing! and I must say that 2015 was one Grand year that taught me alot about Pain and Loss and how all that is part of the process… Without Pain how else will you appreciate Joy? Plus Trusting in God has also taught me that Nothing is in Vain. 1st Corinthians 15:58- “Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” So whatever it is you put your heart and sweat into, if you do it as if your doing it for God, it will never be in vain. He will surely bless the work of your hands.

Though I also learned that Pain and Loss can leave you crippled, so one must consciously decide to keep moving forward and each time choose happiness! and remember that what you allow will continue, so if you find yourself going through the same thing over and over again… Honey it’s time you learned that lesson and move forward, otherwise that cycle will only continue.


I also learned that Love can be easy, too many times women feel that love has to be tough to be the real deal, but this year taught me otherwise. Ladies if a man wants to be with you, nothing will stop him, so never go above and beyond my dear girls, but seek God and He will surely Grant you the desires of your heart😊I also got the Polite Reminder that it is in fact the Man who is called to Love the woman, and all she is asked to do is submit to him as the head of the home, according to Ephesians 5:25… & how easy it is to submit to a Man who truly loves you. Plus a Man who loves the Lord is the greatest blessing my dear girls, for God is Love, so a Man who is in-tune with His maker will understand how to Love and recognize a woman who also knows her Maker… And he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord- Proverbs 18:22.


I also learned that my body will keep changing as I grow older, and I can no longer eat whatever I want, whenever I want😔unfortunately… sigh…(Moment of silence)

We can now proceed…

So I now need to make wiser diet options and eat at the right time, plus no matter how busy or drained I get, exercise is a must no matter how little or how regular, just maintain an active lifestyle. That said, even though I may be at my heaviest now I’m more loving of my body and it’s flaws, so no matter how much we change Ladies, always find ways to work with your new shape and learn how to dress it to bring out your best👌🏾I also learned that style is about what each outfit makes you feel, so if you find a look that is comfortable and looks good! then by all means feel free to stick to that fabric, cut, design and even colour. My wardrobe is filled with my favourites! when I shop I just get a different colour or a newer version, because I already know what works for me, so I stick to it;-) and I love that I can constantly get that with my go-to Vivo-Active Wear:-)


I also learned that a Red Lippie and a popping shoe is sometimes all you need to add that extra sparkle! Plus a visit to AmaDiva to not only get your hair done, but to also try out their individual lashes! I’m so glad Maureen convinced me to give it a shot, they are definitely the cherry on the cake😍


I also learned that Mother-Hood is the one journey where you never feel sufficient enough! every Mother I speak to including my own, all say I wish I had or I need to do more of this and that… And here I was beating myself up only to realise that we all just need to be more honest, because being too tired doesn’t make you a lousy Mom, or letting your kids eat snacks for a meal or sometimes having thoughts of running away, are all but very normal for any sane Mommy💖 This is the one journey where I know for a fact requires strength from above and whole lot of Grace and Patience, so recharge through prayer and meditation to keep yourself sane. Plus have Mommy time, my fave thing to do is go for a Pedi and have a milk-shake and just like that I am recharged😊that simple… My other out-let is my new hobby! doing this, sharing my life’s journey’s and experiences with you through blogging❤️


I also learned that in all my relationships when life gets abit to hectic it’s okay to adopt Quality over Quantity until you can have both, but in the meantime… Practice being fully present whenever you have some time with a loved one, for all we have are each-other and the moments and memories we share💖

Lastly my biggest Lesson in 2015 is “DO NOT BE AFRAID!” especially where your career is concerned; take the risks, learn, keep learning and then learn some more, and then once you do learn, teach and then move on to the next thing… Don’t hold on to what is already passed, but be open to change and realize that your passions will indeed lead you to your Purpose.

0G9A7874-1So go ahead and have a brave, exciting 2016! Love more, Be more and Live out your Purpose!

0G9A7879-1I’d love to know your big lessons too… Do feel free to share them with me on the comments section below and let’s keep chatting in 2016;-) Thank you for making time for me… You are loved and appreciated💖

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0G9A7886-1Lastly! again, how amazing are these individual lashes by AmaDiva? I love them so much I’m actually worried:-( This love may not be healthy for me!Lol!

Anyway I want you to feel as FAB as I do;-) so how about you join me and book your appointments with AmaDiva- 0723-607793 & look extra Glam as you usher in 2016💃🏽🎊🎈🎉

Love Grace😘

Photography– Tatiana Karanja

Make-Up– Wacuka Thimba

Hair– AmaDiva

Lashes– AmaDiva

Clothes– Vivo Active Wear

Shoes– Ruth Nthenya

Jewelry– Fervor Montreal

Location– DusitD2