On Paul’s way to Rome he is ship-wrecked and ends up on an island called Malta!

Malta in this portion of scripture can represent that place you sometimes end up that wasn’t part of the plan, that unexpected surprise that throws you off balance, that set back, that test!

But like Paul, how you handle this unfamiliar territory may be one of your greatest blessings!

Many times when life throws us curve balls we go into defeat mode & fearfully step back & not fully engage at the fear of being broken over again but Acts 28 reminds us that God may not give reason why but He will give you Revelation just like He did to Paul.

After being ship wrecked & now on unfamiliar land he is then bitten by a snake! Just one thing after another- because we all know that when it rains it pours doesn’t it! Ever had those days or seasons where everything that could go wrong just does!? Well this seems to be exactly what is happening here to Paul- to the point that the people of Malta who were initially so kind to Paul all of a sudden begun to utter phrases like “murder he must be paying for his transgressions even though he survived a ship-wreck! this is his punishment”

And what happened next will surely be a lesson to us all to remember that man cannot be trusted!! For one minute they called him murder & the next they praised him & called him a god because Paul simply shook off the snake & suffered no ills as recorded in vs.5

Man will praise you one minute & mock you the next! So whatever you do- do it to for the Glory of God.

Paul didn’t even bother to say anything to them but God instantly vindicated Him! You don’t even need to respond to your haters! God will do that for you by doing something so mighty through you that your haters will suddenly “love you!”

But the most Beautiful thing about Malta was Paul did not want to be on Malta but Malta needed him! So that Ship wreck had to happen! Because after they witnessed what had happened with the snake, the head of Island heard of this great Man Paul & asked to see him & he welcomed Paul with a feast! And it had happened that the Father of Publius(head of the island) was ill, so Paul took the opportunity to pray over him & he was healed & shortly other people on the island who had diseases came for their healing too!

Maybe where you are was not even your fault, where you are makes no sense at all, where you are is so terribly uncomfortable but sometimes God will use where you are to save a Generation!!

It may be painful now! But you could be the last who will have to go through this in your family! you may just be the one to break the curse, you are the one to bring the healing!

Malta was not on your agenda… Rome was the destination, but you had to stop over Malta to get & give the Revival necessary to make your experience in Rome even more worth while!

Whatever it is that may be trying to break you may just be what you need to get you to your destination!

Paul healed them with the same hand that was bitten by a snake! That pain you experienced is the same thing that will bring healing to a whole Generation if we let God do His thing & trust that no matter where we find ourselves like Paul we should shake it off & trust God’s Plan!



Embrace Malta & let it teach you what it will! For Malta had to happen to get you to where you are today!

POWERFUL WORD! that I had to quickly jot down at 2am while it was still fresh after I watched Pastor Steven Furtick bring this word to Life! Such powerful insights that we can borrow a leaf from as we transition in life- for Malta is a given for us all!



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  1. Am in that kind of season where you weren’t sure why. This speaks to me. Thank you Grace, God bless❤❤

  2. Thank you for that encouragement,this message was definately what i needed.May God continue to fill you with his annointing.
    God Bless you!

  3. Malta!!!This teaches me to trust God’s plan. Keep going even when the destination seems to have changed, it’s God’s plan. Embrace Malta.
    Oh so profound!!!

  4. Am currently in malta, thank you for making me understanding this. May God use you more and more.

  5. Oh dear this is powerful! I now understand why I have been through storms and tough moments. I will now celebrate God for the storms! More grace to you!

  6. Hello Grace am blessed to have such a friend and sister in Christ like you. YES I agree with you. That when its God I have to obey and i have come to a point in my life where i have to Obey God and God alone. Ready to loose everything from my relationship bcoz of Sex No No SEX before marriage is a Sin that God hates. Have also come to learn that God gives us Husband that He created for us if we obey He will bring them in our lives. I learnt about Faith two weeks in a lesson that was an hour every day early in the morning. My life has not been the same. Faith is a journey and as you said there is a lot to learn Jesus. I begun praying and asking God to speak to me like You. To be sincere Yes He has been speaking to me through Sermons i listen to as i read His word and even through Worship. He is also speaking through the articles i read in your blog. Am living a life that i will always Consult God in everything i do.God speaks always Its my duty to know how to listen to Him through His word and prayer. Am student ready to fulfill my purpose to become a Software Developer and serve God through this. I pray God for you and you daughters and as you fulfill His purpose. I look up to you Grace because you always make me be a better me from salvation and my life at large. God bless You and your Lovely daughters.
    In Christ.