DARING GREATLY by Janet Mbugua-Ndichu for #MyStorySeries

Hi there😊Feels like it’s been so long…

Well today’s a good day to continue my series #MyStorySeries and my guest blogger today is a dear person to me- who I’ve known for quite a while now, as our paths crossed when we both worked at KTN where we formed a friendship and now years later she also happens to be my daughters Auntie…

Janet Mbugua-Ndichu my kindred spirit I call her, because our paths are so similar it’s a tad bit scary😬😊We both started off our media careers at 19 years old, both worked at KTN and Capital FM as well, both have a love for writing hence our blogs and another scary similarity is we both probably would have studied psychology at some point! and to top it of- the Fathers of our children happen to be twin brothers! LOL! doesn’t get creepier than that huh…

We’ve led separate lives but find ourselves in the same circle constantly, even now we’re on another similar path where we’re boldly stepping out into unknown territory- again not a joint decision at all, but I guess that’s the rhythm with kindred spirits- you find yourselves drawn to the same or similar paths💜

I started this series to show you, yes you reading this that you are not alone on your journey, that our stories are somewhat inter-twined because through these stories you will see that the doubt you feel sometimes is normal, that the fear that holds you back is also normal but you must fight it and most of all the success you see now was a journey coupled with failure, re-direction and finally coming into your own which we can only do if we DARE GREATLY!

And here in comes Janet Mbugua-Ndichu’s Daring Greatly Story…


I left kenya for South Africa in 2009 when I was 25 years old. I left behind a good job, great friends, my amazing family and a life full of promise to venture into waters I wasn’t quite sure of. Alone. And I hadn’t even thought it through much! But then again, there had always been a boldness in me, an individuality that’s devoid of clique influence, conformism and regret. I must have honed it from a young age.
I’ve said before, it’s frightening. Don’t think that I have it all figured out or that I’m too tough. That I don’t doubt myself. Of course I do! But I always say to myself, ‘if not now, when’? I also say, ‘if you never try how will you ever know’? These two quotes, as cliche as they are, have motivated me to reach, to try, to fly.
I’m a believer; my Faith has played an integral part in my evolution. I admit though that I’m one of those Christians who wonders if I let God down too much! So I blame myself for falling short of how worthy He is.
The truth is, we can never be truly sure if we’re making the right decision. We can only speculate and fear so much before we put our hearts and soul in jeopardy. Ask yourself, “Is this going to grow me? Am I going to gain more than I’ll lose?” You may hesitate but ultimately, the only way you can really, truly test your potential, push yourself, dare, dream…is to jump. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped but I tell you, it’ll lead you to the next thing and the next, until you find your purpose. Consult those who have your best interests at heart, pray, read up on the lives of personalities and be inspired by the risks they took that eventually paid off. Oprah, Richard Brandon, James Mwangi.
‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…’
( Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Activist)
Thank you for sharing your story with us Janet and reminding us to always make The Next Right Move and let that be our guide.

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  1. I love this story but feels like it ended even before it started.Could there be a part two somewhere?

    1. Funny you said that Florah! Because that’s the same exact thing I told her! So if I may ask… what do you feel she left out? If there is one question you could ask her concerning the topic of Daring Greatly- what would it be?

      1. Am at this stage *25 years* I feel so emotional and confused.So many questions like do i get married first career will catch up later,do I concentrate on my job,do I quit start a business?Did she have such issues and how did she solve them?

        1. @florah mutonga lool funny been there..but i would advise identify what business you want to do n do a complete research on it then save fully before quiting your current job then marriage, its wise to have your own things going on when married or seriously dating saves both alot plus its easier venturing into such commitments when you emotionally settled then youll be able to make sober decision bou who you settling for..

  2. Thats an inspiring story from janet but as flora just said it was short and i expected to read more on how her journey in Africa was and at what point she decided to come back, and may be to help some us who have not identified their path as such. Thank you

  3. Thats an inspiring story from janet but as flora just said it was short and i expected to read more on how her journey in South Africa was and at what point she decided to come back, and may be to help some us who have not identified their path as such. Thank you

  4. Janet story is inspiring, but wish she could tell us the challenges and victories she has encountered in her journey.

  5. Lovely story. It’s amazing the things we achieve when we dare to be bold.

    Grace, Janet should feature you in her “i am motherhood series” 😊

  6. Wow, what an inspiring soul you are Janet and Grace , otherwise I was just thinking, what happened after moving vto SA and how did you start your career at Citizen

  7. Sometimes all we need is that little voice that we still can do….you just need you and God to survive the rest will adjust…You are your best choice!!!!!!Thank you for this dear.!

  8. I love and am always inspired by your stories on how life started for you. I wish I cld hear more of your experience in S.A @ Janet
    @ Grace Msalame… You are a great inspiration to many. God bless you for motivating most of us in this journey called life.

  9. Two amazing women I look up to. Funny how I’m at that point of making a huge decision, but a little afraid. I guess I will dive into this deep sea and see what it is like for the sharks. #Encouraged

  10. This is wonderful insiparation,o have greatly learned God willing tomorrow it will be a new beginning in my life journey. Thanks Grace and Janet for sharing such a wise article and love following your series they keep give a strong spirit in my life.Feel blessed and above all honoured for your sacrifice.

  11. Inspiring but short …SA is known for racism and a great detest for Kenyans .What challenges did she go through and how did she manage to come out strong. What motivated her to move on every step of the way??

  12. Very inspiring, most of us always want to start something but procrastinate for years before we venture into it. Our fears prevent us from taking off. Thanks for sharing the story

  13. I loved reading Janet’s story though there is a part I feel was left out.I admire her boldness big times.

  14. Two women that I always look up to. But I feel Janet left out a few details. Like the stay in SA and how she’s made it in Media. @Grace, when I grow old, I want to be half the woman you are. Highly favoured of the Lord.. May he continue Blessing and increasing your territory.

  15. I love her story, it is amazing how God works if we believe that He will lead us through that scary path.

  16. Reading her story and being at that age, so many questions i have but however short the story was i still got the feeling i ain’t alone that i will work through this.
    Like one of you said they are confused i am too, but i hear a voice tell me that i will be alright.

  17. Very inspiring story… My heart is full of appreciation, especially when I read this, “push yourself, dare dream.. Is to jump, being in my fresh 20 life seems to be complicated when you are not sure if you are making the right decision… I feel it’s the hardest part in one’s life especially when many things fail at the moment and some of us facing things that are detrimental to girls life, today I am soooo inspired and got the courage to dare.. Though short story left me in suspense but took me to another level. Thank you for inspiring.. How can i subscribe to your blog